TONY SACKSTEDER; Curriculum vitae (download)


Multidisciplinary creative and technical design leader with extensive hands-on skill and experience. Good strategic planning background and insight into product development processes, project management and execution. Self-driven and self-reliant, able to operate and execute from budgetary and planning to detailed technical design levels. Comfortable with fast paced start-up, small shop and production environments. Good in front of customers and clients. Proven track record with a wide range of technical, industrial and engineering design expertise, including cross disciplinary mechatronic system integrations. Experienced at managing senior as well as early career talent.

•    Consultant: The Boeing Co. & BAE Systems, Industrial Exoskeleton System Program management
•    Consultant: Likuma Design LLC, CFD simulation of hybrid fan design; Private Inventor, CFD for a novel Marine Propulsion device.
•    VP of Technology, Equipois Inc. (Industrial Exo-Skeleton Arm Systems,  acquired Fall 2013)
•    Director, Engineering  & Industrial Design, CF InFlight LLC ( SkyCam Tele-operated  Broadcast camera system,  now SKYCAM LLC)
•    Lead Designer, Steadicam G-50, G70 and Merlin systems, (Steadicam / The Tiffen Company)
•    12+ Patent Applications, 5 granted patents
•    Technical Director, Scenery, Set and Special effects / props for TV, Film and Video production
•    25+ years’ experience in Design, Fabrication, Manufacturing, and Management

Recent Professional Experience:

WhiteSpace Labs LLC, Founder & President (2013- Present)
Product Research & Development consultancy specializing in early stage concept development, technology assessment and validation, mechanical engineering, simulation and modeling, prototype design and fabrication.  Recent projects and clients include: The Boeing Co., Industrial Exoskeleton and IP landscape research; Talem Technologies, Assistive Exo arm for persons with disabilities; Private Inventors: Fluid propulsion devices; ergonomic surgical instrument accessories; CFD Simulation for air moving equipment.

Equipois Incorporated, VP of Technology (2007- 2013) 
First hire in $13.5mm venture-funded startup that was acquired in 2013. Opened, staffed and operated satellite facility responsible for Research, New Product Development and Product Engineering of zeroG® Exo-skeletal ergonomic arm assist systems.  
•    Built and led 6 person engineering team with a $1M annual budget that released three full product platforms in 5 years consisting of over 2500 unique parts and assemblies, pushed into full manufacturing and assembly. 
•    Implemented internal Innovation Management Program, and was responsible for and contributed to 12+ provisional patents and non-provisional applications, 30% of which are now granted, and several are still pending.
•    Developed product roadmaps, designed and executed product development strategy, and led a partner / customer group consisting of Boeing, Ford and Virginia Tech to develop a human-worn upper body exoskeleton solution for industrial tool-holding applications.
•    Systematized and developed operational architecture for internal engineering design processes, ECO management, application engineering training and workflow. Set up initial integration of sales management system with, Central Desktop and other enterprise grade cloud collaboration tools.
•    Managed pilot testing, field trials and product launches including early stage outside clinical trials of X-Ar® for outpatient use.
•    Provided quarterly & annual updates to Board of Directors, and investor/acquisition presentations.
 The Tiffen Company (Consultant, 2004 - 2006)
Industrial & Mechanical Designer for three Steadicam products: G70, G50 and Merlin camera stabilizers  Responsible for 3d model, 2d drawings, BOM, prototype production and testing. Managed outside (FEA) process and testing, review and revision of production first articles.

SKYCAM™ / CF InFlight, Director of Engineering and Industrial Design:  (2000 - 2003) 
Managed 6 person development team of software developers, EEs, lab-tech and draftsman in a re-implementation project for the cable suspended robotic camera system currently in use at major sporting events. Primary mechanical designer of suspended camera subsystem, consisting of two nested multiaxis gimbals, 6 axis fiber optic gyroscope, custom multilayer boards and linux on PC 104 integration. 3 year project cost $3.5M. 


                             Gimbal assembly for tool support                                            US 9156154 B2

              Folding & adjusting hinge for stabilized equip. support         US 7625090 B2

Concentric ring gimbal support system                                   US 8827216 B2

Optical device                                                                              US 8192014 B1

Reading glasses                                                                         US 6705720 B2

Multi-arm gimbal system                                                           US 9534730 B2     

                             Exoskeleton arm interface                                                       US 9719633 B2
                             Biased hinge for equipoising support equipment                 US 8801319 B2
                             Combination support system                                                    WO 2012027433 A1
                             Human support system                                                              WO 2013003369 A3

Management & Technical Skills:


  • Management: Team Leadership, Project Management and Planning; budgeting, costing, and sourcing. integration, BOM systems, enterprise cloud-based collaboration tools.
  • Engineering Design and simulation:
    • SolidWorks 10,000 + hours user since 1999: Expert in complex assembly models, configuration management. Trained staff in reusable design techniques and best practices.
    • FEA:  numerous hands on FEA studies using ALGOR, COSMOS (now Solidworks Simulation), and managed outside FEA consultants.
    • Design for Mfg, Assy, Injection Molding, Casting
  • IP, Ideation, Analysis:
    • Patent search and landscape analysis (Boeing BR&T, Equipois)
    • TRIZ based design & problem solving; trained and utilized IHS / GOLDFIRE Invention Machine software to speed design cycles and help solve engineering problems throughout product life cycle.
    • Designed and implemented internal enterprise ideation and continuous improvement processes. (Equipois, Inc.)
  • Fabrication: Extensive hands-on experience in broad range of model and prototype shop and fabrication methods and techniques, metal, composites, casting, mold making.


The Boeing Company    White Space Labs program management consulting services for Boeing Research and Technology (2013). The project was to develop an assistive full body exoskeleton skeleton for industrial use in aerospace assembly applications. Activities included technology landscape research, domain expertise identification, and collaboration partner evaluation, leading to a productive relationship with BAE systems to deploy a prototype for testing in Boeing’s facility.

Talem Technologies    Complete development and manufacturing design of an articulating accessory mounting system for the X-Ar® human arm support system to enable its use on wheelchairs for persons with long term disabilities or degenerative conditions. Activities included fabrication of working pre-production samples, manufacturing prints and assembly documentation as well as pilot field testing programming.

Undisclosed Company   Development and design of a novel fluid propulsion device. Extensive use of computational fluid dynamics simulation for virtual prototyping as a well as scale and actual size physical prototypes for open water and dynamometer testing. Designed and built in-house propeller dynamometer, currently in use.

Equipois Inc.    Opened, staffed and operated satellite office responsible for Research, New Product Development and Product Engineering of the zeroG® Exo-skeletal ergonomic arm assist systems. Responsible for and /or contributed to 12+ provisional patents.  Developed three mechanical device product platforms and several ancillary accessory platforms.  Managed pilot testing, field trials and product launches including early stage outside clinical trials of X-Ar® for outpatient use.

Steadicam    Designed, modeled and produced manufacturing drawings for 2 versions of Steadicam stabilizer arms, the G50 and G70. Product and Mfg. design of the Steadicam® Merlin™ stabilizer. Received patent for key Merlin mechanical assembly. The Merlin received Honoree in the CES Innovations 2006 Design and Engineering Awards competition. 

SKYCAM (CF Inflight, LLC)    Director of Industrial and Engineering Design: Lead Designer / R&D Manager of Skycam robotic camera system for sports broadcasting. Responsible for system integration and coordination of Software, Electronics and Mechanical design teams. Product design, from the smallest part to top level BOM management, costing, and vendor sourcing.

GlaxoSmithKline    Designed and produced original 3 sided Mobius logo-art sculpture used for annual CEO's Environmental Health and Safety Awards since 2003. These awards were produced annually for several years from exotic woods carved on my own custom-built CNC gantry mill.

Klip//collective    Design and fabrication services for installation enclosure systems for outdoor deployment of LCD projection equipment, providing weatherproof HVAC temperature management. Design and fabrication for art installation at Longwood Gardens’ NightScape light show. 

NFL Films     Art direction, on set SFx, and fabrication of mechanical special effects, props and devices for TV production. Numerous Broadcast TV spots & industrial productions.

Moving & Talking Picture Co.    Industrial design consultation for inventor and Emmy & Oscar winning cinematographer Garrett Brown. 3d modeling and equipment design, prototype fabrication and assembly. Projects include: Steadicam Ultra, Go-cam, FlyCam & SkyCam camera systems, and Steadicam G50, G70 and Merlin stabilizers. Co-authored patents for Merlin Camera Stabilizer and novel folding reading glasses.

Atlanta Olympic Broadcasting    Technical support for special motion cameras at 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games. Designed covers and canopies for Go-Cam monorail camera.

Miles & Generalis    Numerous projects; sculpture, fabrication, and CAD consultation, 3D laser scans and large scale foam carving for outdoor public sculpture, mold and pattern work for Frank Stella at the Talix Art Foundry in Beacon NY.



MIT Sloan School of Business: Executive Education Product Design Development and Management.
Vermont Studio School: Metal Sculpture.
Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts: Philadelphia, PA. Certificate in Painting & Sculpture. Top Honors and Awards
Pennsylvania State University, University Park, PA.  Engineering, Geology and Earth Sciences. (Courses toward degree)
Central High School, Philadelphia, PA.